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We help you at every step of legalising your stay in Poland. We complete your applications, collect the necessary documents and take care of all formalities. We offer services listed below.

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Temporary residence permit

Permanent residence permit

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How it works?

We assist in obtaining your visa, work permit or residence permit in Poland in these few easy steps:

1. Tell us about yourself

Where you’re from, whether you have a job offer in Poland, what kind of visa/residence permit you want to apply for. Give us as much information as possible.

2. We analyze your case

Once we receive the information, our team of legal experts will propose the most effective, affordable and secure solution.

3. Visit our office

The next step is to sign an agreement with us and provide all the necessary documents, e.g. a copy of your passport, a job contract, etc.

4. Wait for your case to be processed

We take care of filling out and submitting all the necessary forms to the government and act as your representatives and translators.

5. Recive your permit

Once the paperwork is submitted, we will keep track of your case until your status is officially legalised.

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