Support in Obtaining Work and Residence Permits for Companies
and Individuals 

Helping Foreigners To Settle Down In Poland.
Assisting Employers To Hire Them.

For Employers

We facilitate hiring foreigners in the fastest possible way. We work as your proxy, so you don’t have spend your time and effort on formalities, such as:

  • Employer’s declaration (Oświadczenie);
  • Work permit arrangement;
  • Monitoring of the legal status of your employees.
  • HeadHunting

For Individuals and Family

We help you in every step in legalising your stay in Poland. We complete your applications, collect the necessary documents and take care of all formalities like:

  • Temporary residence permit;
  • Permanent residence permit;
  • Car registration;
  • PESEL number / tax ID;
  • Residence registration for EU nationals.

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Together with our partners, we will support you in incorporating your company in Poland:

  • Support with the administrative flow;
  • Advise on how to get your company started;
  • Updates on new regulations;
  • Ad hoc advices where needed.

Why You Should Choose Poland

Poland’s services and potential for nearshore outsourcing have prompted commentary from around the world, including:
  • Poland has a convenient location – it is located in the center of Europe, at the intersection of main communication routes – it is like a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe. (PWC: Doing business in Poland, 2017)
  • Poland ranks a charming 21st position in Bloombergs 2018 ‘Top 50 most innovative countries’ in the world.
  • Poland ranks 27th out of 190 countries scored on ‘Ease of doing business‘ by the World Bank Group, 2018. .
  • Poland has enjoyed uninterrupted growth since 1992. According to PwC, the economy is forecast to grow around 3% per annum until 2030 and 2.5% per annum until 2050.
  • 83 companies out of the Fortune Global 500 have business services centers in Poland.
  • These business services centers employ some 279,000 people, of which 10% are foreigners. Large majority of the jobs (225,000) are provided by foreign centers (81%) and 54,000 are at Polish centers (19%))


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