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Sylwia Fossaert (known also as Sylwia Kotula) obtained an MBA at the University of Leuven, and worked with several Belgian start-ups, mainly advising on labour mobility between Belgium and Poland.
After moving back to Krakow, she co-founded the IT-company Epikia, where she gained experience in handling work and residence permits of her (very) international team. In early 2018 she launched Krakspire to help other companies, and private people, in legalizing work and stay in Poland.

What she really loves about this job is PEOPLE.

She's a very active person, after work you'll often find her (mountain) running or playing basketball but what she really enjoys, is to unwind surrounded by nature.


Senior Consultant

Paweł brings over five years of specialized expertise in legalization services to the Krakspire team. His journey began with assisting Erasmus students to settle in Poland, providing a solid foundation in navigating complex bureaucratic environments. Prior to joining Krakspire, Paweł sharpened his skills in immigration law at the Foreigners Affairs Department of the Provincial Office in Małopolska, where he already excelled in untangling the most complicated regulatory issues.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Internal Security and Crisis Management, which further complements his professional capabilities.

Outside of work, Paweł has a passion for exploring unique historical sites, engaging in amateur photography, and recently, he has taken up sailing, discovering the joys of the open water.




Monika is a graduate with a Bachelor's degree specializing in Human Resource Management. She gained her experience at the Law Advisory Center Office, where she managed documentation for clients.

At Krakspire, she specializes in obtaining residence permits that require higher qualifications.


Junior Consultant

Karolina graduated in social economics from KEN University in Krakow, she is a dynamic professional with a passion for solving migration-related challenges.

She brings a fresh perspective and strong analytical skills to our team.


Our Clients about us



I highly recommend this fast growing and youthful company to any foreigner doubting which lawyer or company to pick to support them through the paperwork process of residencies permit. I cooperated with Sylwia Kotula, a youthful and fun lawyer graduate to file for a Blue-card. She is very professionnel, social and super knowledgeable about the process. She knows the people treating the applications; and she was able to tell what to focus on/amend according to the requirement of each person. Moreover, she is always present, on time, supportive and advising on all matters. I loved her social and fun personality and I will definitely come back if I need more support in the future. I heard about the same qualities for the rest of the team so, I def made the right pick. Ofc I obtained my card 🤟🏻 #krakspirerocks #youthfulpowers


Very professional and friendly. Higly recommended!


Great service! They solved all my doubts and advised me about the process I had to follow. Really kind and professional attention. I definitely recommend to work with them 🙂


Really quick and professional assistance. Thanks!


Very knowledgeable and professional company, assisting in every step of the process of an expat arriving and leaving Poland. I strongly recommend!


Totally recommend Krakspire for everyone who struggles with administrative/bureaucratic side of relocation or legalization processes 👌🏽


Krakspire did an amazing job! Sylwia took care of every step of immigration processes for our employees from Middle East. We were surprised how affordable her services were comparing to other professionals


I was in touch with Sylwia and Marcin in February this year, when I needed to organise a visa in Poland. I don't speak Polish, and understanding the requirements for a visa application was quite challenging, especially, when you have other things on your plate, like finding accomodation and settling in a new country. Sylwia and Marcin communicated very clearly about the requirements of applying for the Polish visa, and we had everything ready. I recently got my visa, and the process of application went smoothly. Sylwia and Marcin can explain all steps of applying for a visa, and it gave me a peace of mind that I met all the requirements and followed the procedure correctly.


Krakspire is the most professional and cost effective legal service for foreigners in Krakow. The temporary residence permit process can be quite tricky in Poland, but the Krakspire team handled mine quickly and efficiently, even during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown. Highly recommended


Friendly professionals that get the job done. Couldn’t wish for anything more. They helped me very well with my car registration and getting my temporary residence.


Krakspire team is very professional, responsive and cost effective.


Krakspire team is very professional, responsive and cost effective.


Great service! I recommend to everyone who is in doubt of choosing the layer in Kraków!! Quick communication, hight level of solving problems, good knowledge of polish low, analytical thinking. Highly recommended, Tetiana

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