New Minimum Wage In 2023

New Minimum Wage in 2023

New year brings some important changes!
We’d like to remind you that from the beginning of this year there has been a change of required remuneration in legalization procedures.
A new minimum wage applies in Poland 💵

Why is it important to know?

This information is crucial for foreigners working in Poland, who apply for temporary residence permit. You have to earn at least the newly established amount to receive a positive decision.

What is the new wage?

For workers employed based on a contract, your salary can not be lower than 3 490 PLN (gross) for a full-time job. Per-hour remuneration is at a level not lower than 22,80 PLN (gross). This amount applies to everyone, working based on a contract of employment or civil law contract. 📈

Does the level of stable and regular income change?

The stable and regular income level for a family member or a foreign student in Poland did not change.
🔹 for a single person the income is established at 776 PLN

🔹 in a family the income is 600 PLN per person

Do you have questions regarding this matter?

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