Sole Proprietorship in Poland – Start Your Own Business in Poland

Are you thinking about starting your own business in Poland? We’re here to answer all of your questions and dispel your doubts on this matter.

Who can start a business in Poland?

Opening a sole proprietorship in Poland is possible only for foreigners with certain residence statuses. It is feasible for foreigners who are citizens of the European Union, EFTA members and EEA members from countries that are not parties to the EEA Agreement. Those who meet the requirements can set up and run this form of business in Poland on the same terms as Polish citizens.

Citizens from outside the European Union can also register a sole proprietorship, but they must have an appropriate residence basis, such as:

    • permanent residence permit,
    • residence permit for a long-term EU resident,
    • a temporary residence permit granted in connection with the circumstances of full-time studies (according to Article 144 of the Act on Foreigners), for family reunification (Article 159 of the Act on Foreigners), with exceptions, has a long-term EU residence permit ( Article 186 (3) – temporary residence permit),
    • temporary residence permit granted to a family member residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland for the purpose of family reunification pursuant to Art. 159 paragraph 3 and 4;
    • refugee status,
    • subsidiary protection,
    • permit to stay for humanitarian reasons or permit for tolerated stay,
    • Poland Business Harbor visa,
    • a temporary residence permit and a marriage contract concluded with a Polish citizen residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland,
    • temporary residence permit for the purpose of economic activity, granted due to the continuation of already conducted economic activity on the basis of an entry in the CEIDG,

As well as foreigners who:

    • benefit from temporary protection in the Republic of Poland,
    • have a valid Pole’s Card,
    • are family members (pursuant to art. 2 point 4 of the Act of 14 July 2006 on entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland), joining the citizens of the states referred to in sec. 1 or staying with them.

How to register a sole proprietorship?

You can register a sole proprietorship by making an entry in the Central Register of Information on Economic Activities (CEIDG). When registering, the foreigner must also attach to the form a scan of the document confirming the basis for establishing the sole proprietorship (e.g. residence card and decision). For online sole proprietorship registration, the foreigner must have a Trusted Profile for signing the documents to be submitted.


It is also possible to obtain funding for the opening and running of a sole proprietorship in Poland. Places from where you could obtain the founding are the labor offices, EU grants, the local groups of action (LGD), bonuses for starting non-agricultural activity from the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARMA).

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